Monthly Archives: May 2013

Third installment of Inspired By.

This project is a collaboration of expression.

Words by Summer Dorr (, photos by Katy Tuttle.


Photo inspired by words



his kneed proposal, gum-wrapper fashioned ring. i love you, in repeat, heard, but unbelieved. her no, implicit. the before night, a walk with another, fountain water lighted green aside planked flooring. his no, impliciting. sat now, another chair for ottoman, a father here-far sandwich having. turkey, cheese. the swaying chair too fast, vertigo! yet to unmove atop, question, why be on at all? better a picnic bench, lawn-ground or otherwise. look- lobster buoys. aged further today. not likened to left outdoor furniture but as that spring tree, its green distracting from creased trunk, branches sideways tall. brain quiet moments afterward remind, temporariness. look, again– seagull passing. never to see its same, or to notice among others if so. mouth lines agree, laugh. rock crab with green salad below fork and chewing and it’s okay to find humor at more boats on guest room walls than content you’ve been between. the bike, you made your choice? be direct. have a decide. yes, the seat just need be lowered. and a backpack borrowed. it’ll suit quite fine.


Words inspired by photo


“coupled w/ solitude”

she’s front-side aimed away, no. from within him.
please. shut off online radio and be in quiet. why
preference music, lieu-ing head-s talk-ing.
blurred and androgynous, s/he. they handhold, or. he holds her breath.
now, [that song]? yes. fine tune. i agree, but hear?
she’s littler than he. their hair the same hue. his chest to her parted bun.
hiding, absent, two eye-pairs, no. sight, this is what s/he sees.
interprets, as often made, by layers and missing parts.